South Africa is a country which imports most of its glassware from all over the world.  In order to add value and beauty, the Clearly Classique Design Team have given our glassware a unique edge by sandblasting original designs onto plain glasses. In this way, glassware has effectively become a blank canvas on which we are at liberty to explore our creative talents.


Sandblasting creates a permanent frosted effect on glass and, due to the fact that this is such a labour-intensive craft, the more work we have, the more people we are able to train and employ from the previously disadvantaged sector of our community.


In the Corporate Gifting Market, we are able to offer various options and are always looking for new and desirable products. If the item you require is not a part of our regular range, we will do our best to source it for you. 


  • Glassware packaged in sets to your specific requirements
  • Our range incorporates glassware to suit any budget: from economy glassware to crystal
  • Branded glassware with logos and wording or names
  • Branded and decorative glassware to suit a specific theme or event
  • Decorative, one-of-a-kind glassware for very special awards or even overseas clients
  • Branded packaging in the form of Pine Crates, our highly polished and lined, Meranti Posh Boxes,  our exclusive
  • Cardboard Boxes made from recycled cotton waste, Organza bags and even Paper Carry Bags
  • South African Made Trophies sandblasted and packaged to your specifications


Clearly….we will be able to assist you in your quest for something new and different: the perfect gift for your client.  Promotional Companies qualify for a Wholesale Price List which includes discounts for bulk orders.Register now to apply, or contact the office for a quotation.