Decorative Glassware



South Africa is a country which imports most of its glassware. There is a limited amount of local production, but nothing to compare with the quality and selection of glassware available from Europe, the UK, South America, India, China and Indonesia. In order to add value, a certain South African ‘flavour’ and decorative beauty, the Clearly Classique Design Team have given our glassware a unique edge by sandblasting original designs onto the plain glasses. Glassware has effectively become a blank canvas on which we are at liberty to explore and develop our creative talents.


Sandblasting creates a permanent frosted effect on glass and our glassware cleans up beautifully in the dishwasher. The only time we recommend hand washing is with beaded glassware, or any other glassware with finishes applied with special glues.


Not only does this allow us to express our unique individuality as designers, but it allows us the liberty to explore our talent in an African context, which holds appeal to both the local and overseas markets.     


We have various categories to offer our clients:

  • Iconic South African designs, flora and fauna, landmarks and other typically South African motifs. Some of this range is ideal for tourists and Curio Shops, but we have found the products to be just as popular amongst locals as it is with visitors to our extraordinary country.  This range does incorporate bead, wire and clay work to add colour and vibrancy to the glassware, as an optional extra.
  • Glass Décor Items as Interior Design statements for the modern South African home. These include uniquely patterned Vases, Platters, Bowls, Candle Holders and Hurricane Lamps. Designs are varied and range in style from Retro to Classical, Victorian to Minimalist and purely decorative to practical. Special signature pieces have become coveted collector’s pieces.   
  • Our fun range includes themed glassware for Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, 21sts, Matric Dances and other life-changing events. Remember that the Clearly Classque Design Team is always happy to assist you in designing something special for your special event, to suit any theme!
  • We are also able to offer you a wide selection of packaging and our glassware is available in specially designed sets. So whether it’s 1 Beer Mug or 1000 sets of 4 beaded wine glasses, give us a call: we are at your service!


We do have both Wholesale and Retail Prices in order to supply both markets effectively, through our Online Shopping Mall. 


Clearly…we offer a unique service to all our clients.