Architectural Sandblasting



Architectural Sandblasting


Sandblasting is a method of decorating flat glass and mirror which has been used extensively in both the adornment of both home and office spaces. The unique, white, frosted effect portrays a certain purity and honesty of design which is appealing in any environment.

Frosted glass effectively screens any area without necessarily making the space appear smaller, simply because light is still able to shine through the glass.


At home:

  • Bathroom windows can be sandblasted to eliminate the need for curtains or blinds. By incorporating a design into the glass, one is able to bring in a subtle element of design without compromising on privacy. Another favourite option for bathrooms is to sandblast the glass shower enclosure with a design to match the detail found in the tiles or wallpaper, which promotes a certain subtlety to the design and gives depth to the overall impact. Of course, one can also just have fun: kids bathrooms can become an undersea fantasy or a jungle full of exotic blooms and plants. Let us assist you to design something which will suite your needs.
  • Glass doors have become increasingly popular because they encourage feelings of space and light. Sometimes, this can create problems and some visitors might develop the annoying habit of attempting to walk right through the closed door! A simple strip of design at eye level will alert the visitor to the fact that the door is actually closed. Used repetitively throughout the home, this design can assist in tying the entire design theme together. Depending on the amount of privacy required in different areas of the home, the entire door can be frosted with just the design remaining clear, or just the design can be frosted to give a more subtle approach.
  • Any window or door facing an unattractive exterior can be fully frosted with a design to create a feature and to disguise an eyesore.
  • Mirrors used to the best advantage can both create the illusion of more space and introduce more light into a room. They can also be used to emphasize, by reflection, a beautiful garden or work of art. There are times when a design on the mirror itself can enliven an entire space by bringing in a decorative element without introducing any more colour. The Design Team at Clearly Classique is able to create something exclusively for you to complement any area in your home. Of course front doors and stairwells are both firm favourites for using sandblasted glass.


Retro Design Door Sandblasting
Retro Design Door Sandblasting



At work

  • Company logos, names or company details are popular for doors, glass panels and even mirrors. These can either be sandblasted on to the door or panel or our new self-adhesive vinyl applications allow a great deal of freedom of choice: particularly if phone numbers or other important details are liable to change for any reason. The further advantage of these vinyl stickers, is that they are quick and easy to apply, but also have excellent durability. By capitalizing on any glass or mirrored areas, the vinyl stickers can also incorporate encouraging phrases, designs to conceal private areas and even company vision and mission statements.


New applications for home use:


Recently a new application for use in the home has been introduced: vinyl self-adhesive stickers which can be used to give a decorative element to any smooth walls or surfaces. The vinyl stickers are available in a wide variety of colours and designs. They can be used in most areas of the home.


Consider the following applications:

[a] A favourite recipe in the form of a sticker placed conveniently on the splash back in your kitchen. Glass has grown increasingly popular in modern kitchens and it creates an ideal medium for applying all kinds of written messages in this space. Perhaps you would like to freshen up some doors with a design theme for a kitchen which has become too clinical: anything is possible…

[b] A step and repeat pattern to create a focal point in your lounge, entrance or dining room: this is particularly effective because it creates interest and can be cut to proportion to exactly fit the space. When redecorating, or painting the walls a different colour, the stickers are easily removed and can be replaced with a fresh new design theme. Welcoming messages or even inspirational sayings work just as well as decorative themes, and are becoming increasingly popular. Of course, we are also able to create scenes from a forest to an urban jungle, too.

[c] Another area where written décor works well is in the bedrooms of a home. From a child’s bedroom where it is important to inspire and affirm positive messages, to the main bedroom, where messages of love and dreams for the future can be signposted.

Feel free to contact our Anne Hanggi to discuss your specific needs.